Creative intern program for TBWA Worldwide

Working with John Hunt, I helped build the Young Bloods creative intern program at Chiat Los Angeles. I was responsible for creating the logo, writing the guidelines, establishing rapport with colleges, reviewing portfolios, recruiting and training. It was a blast. The logo and guidelines were picked up by TBWA on a worldwide basis and is now up and running in offices all over the world.

Before this program was established, Chiat’s door was basically closed to anyone who didn’t have 5+ years experience. They now have kids coming right out of school and working around guys like Lee Clow. The optimism and enthusiasm these Young Bloods bring to the agency is contagious. That energy makes its way through the whole building. They also bring new insight into current trends and pop culture. 


Creative intern program for Saatchi & Saatchi LA

Saatchi LA didn't have a creative intern program, so we created the Beta program. 

Again, I created an outline for the program, pitched it to agency management and got another program up and running.